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Whether you are a beginner or a practicing intuitive, for business or personal:

you will be gently guided to learn about the power of your intuition.

  • What intuition is (and what it isn't)
  • How to recognize and trust your intuition
  • Techniques for accessing your intuition whenever you need it
  • How to use your intuition to make better decisions, improve relationships, and enhance your overall well-being
  • Real-life stories of people who have transformed their lives by tapping into their intuition
Quotation Mark

What readers are saying

Quotation Mark

This book was easy to read. Their explaination of Intuition so clearly presented,

it has a flow to it. As I read the feeling of movement came over me, in and out,

in and out. It took on a magical quality. It is a powerful book.

Quotation Mark

Ramona Mooney and Krishna Mohan have written an intriguing book on the value of turning inward and trusting your intuition for guidance so you can maximize your potential. Featuring personal, relatable stories and specific “how-to” suggestions, it’s a soul-stirring, useful read!

Sandra Woods Poulin, Certified in Quantum Flow, Reiki Master

Eleni Kelakos,

The Speaker Whisperer®.

Coach, Trainer, Speaker, Author

Quotation Mark
Quotation Mark

After the first few pages, I was hooked. The words and content are beautifully written. It will pull you up to a higher level of thinking. It is a great read.

I don’t show my authentic self very often because I fear what others think of me. Having a system will help me find and become my defined self.

Patricia Youmans, Chiropractic

F. Cotterman,

Clinical Social Worker

Linda Cehn

NYC High School Senior

About the Authors


Ramona Leone Mooney

The President of GENIUS VISIONARY, a platform for business clarity and expansion.

He is an acclaimed speaker, award winning entrepreneur and

#1 BEST SELLING AUTHOR invited to appear on FOX TV and other media outlets.

The Founder of Pasha's Salon, a social salon for practicing intuitives for the betterment of societies.

she gained certifications and access to the ongoing research of Dr. Daniel Amen and Dr. Joseph McClendon III as a Brain Trainer and Neuro-Encoding Specialist.

Book Signing Tour

Book Signing Tour

at a Kroger Store Near You

at a Kroger Store Near You

April 5-7

Storytelling and Book Signing

Frankenmuth Kroger

Fri/Sat/Sun, 1pm-5pm each day

April 12-14

Q&A and Reader's Results

Saginaw, State St

Fri/Sat/Sun, 1pm-5pm each day

April 26-28

Book Signing and Socials

Okemos, Marsh Road

Fri/Sat/Sun, 1pm-5pm each day

Meet the authors and listen to them answer your questions about Intuition.

Meet the authors and listen to them answer your questions about Intuition.

May 3-5

Live Book Reading and Q&A

Bloomfield Hills, Kroger

Fri/Sat/Sun, 1pm-5pm each day

May 17 - May 19

Storytelling and Book Signing

Waterford Kroger

Fri/Sat/Sun, 1pm-5pm each day

May 22-24

Q&A and Reader's Results

Grand Blanc Kroger

Fri/Sat/Sun, 1pm-5pm each day

Ocean Waves

Intuition is our lifeblood for the preservaton of earth.